Second Meeting of the BRICS Committee


EBA has held the second meeting of the BRICS Committee in the presence of Eng. Ali Eissa, Chairman of EBA, and Eng.Magd El-Din El-Manzalawi, Secretary-General and Chairman of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee of EBA, in the presence of the committee members: Dr. Mohamed Helal, Chairman of the Energy Committee, Eng. Mostafa El Naggari, Chairman of the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, and Mr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din, Chairman of the China Committee. Mr. Hassanein Tawfiq, Chairman of Information Technology Committee, Eng. Fadel Marzouk, Chairman of Export Committee, Mr. Alaa Al-Sabaa, Vice Chairman of the Import and Customs Committee, Mr. Ahmed Al-Bassati, Chairman and Managing Director of the Modern Nile Cotton Company, and Dr. Walid Gamal El-Din, Chairman of Smith-Troy Chemical Industries Company - Area Free.

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