A press conference to announce the conference of Investment. ..Industry .. Export " Golden Triangle”


EBA was held under the chairmanship of Eng. Ali Issa - Chairman of the Board of Directors A press conference, chaired by Eng. Magd El-Din Al-Manzalawi - Secretary General and Chairman of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee with the participation of Dr. Mohamed Youssef - Executive Director, and Ms. Rasha Abdel Hadi - Head of the Specialized Committees Sector, in the presence of a group of media representatives of major Egyptian and foreign agencies, newspapers and television channels, with the aim of announcing all the details of the investment conference. Industry .. Export "Golden Triangle" scheduled to be held in May 2024 - in the presence of many government officials concerned with the industrial sector and its axes, as well as a large number of representatives of the Egyptian business community, heads of banks and a group of local and foreign industrial investors

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