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Joint Meeting of Industry and Scientific Research - Import and Customs – Export Committees


EBA held a joint meeting of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee headed by Eng. Magd El-Din Al-Manzalawi - Secretary General and Chairman of the Committee, the Import and Customs Committee headed by Eng. Khaled Hamza, and the Export Committee headed by Eng. Fadel Marzouk, with Dr. Youmna El-Shabrawy - Head of the Trade Remedies Sector - Ministry of Trade and Industry under the title: - Trade remedies as a tool to protect the national industry and promote Egyptian exports, in the presence and participation of a number of vice chairmen of the committees And a group of EBA’s members working and concerned with these important sectors, where the meeting was held with the aim of discuss on: How to use trade processing fees to protect the local industry in Egypt from the negative repercussions of harmful trade practices in international trade

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Joint Meeting of Agriculture and Irrigation,Transport,Export Committees


The Egyptian Businessmen Association, headed by Eng. Ali Eissa, held a joint meeting headed by Mr. Adel El-Lamie - Member of the Board of Directors and Transport Committee Chairman, Eng. Mustafa Al-Nagari - Agriculture and Irrigation Committee Chairman, and Eng. Ali Abdel Qader,Export Committee First Vice Chairman, with Major General Reda Ismail - Head of the Maritime Transport Sector - Ministry of Transport, and with the intervention of the representative of the company responsible for the management of the shipping line (Damietta-Trieste) from the Egyptian side, and in the presence of a group of members of the Assembly and discussed: - All logistics, mechanism of operation, volume and quality of goods likely to be transported through the fast and direct shipping line between Egypt, - the role of the private sector in cooperation with the government -the extent to which the volume of global trade and exports affects the current events in the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

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