Export Committee

EBA Board Meeting with Committee’s Chairmen


The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association organized a meeting between the Information Technology Committee and the chairmen of the specialized committees In order to open the door for dialogue and discussion on: The most important opinions and ideas proposed for the development of new programs and applications that serve the objectives of the association and achieve mutual benefit between the members of each other and also develop communication with the association's partners abroad, Coordination between the committee and other committees of the association to discuss the role of the information technology sector in the development of various economic sectors and communicate with the relevant authorities, whether governmental or otherwise, in order to prepare the investment and legislative environment to achieve this goal, The role of the Information Technology Committee, with the support of the association in serving the technology sector.

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Export Committee Meeting with: Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Export


Meeting of the Export Committee headed by Eng. Fadel Marzouq - Chairman of the Committee, with: Minister Plenipotentiary Com./ Maher Al-Sharif - Secretary General - Supreme Council for Export, and in presence of Mr. Ali Abdel Qader - First Vice Chairman of the Committee, and Major General / Ismail Abdel Aziz - Vice Chairman of Agricultural Export, the meeting aims to open the door for dialogue and identify all the challenges facing Egyptian exporters and discuss proposals and mechanisms to overcome them, with the development of a unified vision between the business community and the state in order to reach 100 billion dollars in exports"

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Joint meeting of the Banking and Finance – Export Committees


EBA organized a joint meeting of Banking and Finance Committee headed by Mr. Hassan Hussein – and Export Committee headed by Eng. Fadel Marzouk in the presence of Eng. Magd El-Din Al-Manzalawi, Secretary-General of EBA and Chairman of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee, with the participation of senior export finance officials in the following Egyptian banks: Export Development Bank of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt, Commercial International Bank (CIB), Banque du Caire, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) In the presence of a large number of representatives of the private sector, , with the aim of opening the door for dialogue and discussion and identifying “Egyptian export financing programs to achieve a great boom in accordance with the state's plan and the main role of banks in achieving this”

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Joint Seminar of Committees: Industry & Scientific Research - Energy - Export with Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control


Joint Seminar organized by committees of: Industry and Scientific Research headed by Eng. Magd Al-Din Al-Manzalawi - General Secretary and Chairman of the Committee, Energy Committee headed by Dr. Mohamed Helal, and the Export Committee headed by Eng. Fadel Marzouk, with: Major General Engineer / Essam Al-Nagar - Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, with the aim of: ( Identify the role of GOEIC and its laboratories in supporting and developing the national industry and investment - Identify the latest developments and international standards in force to develop Egyptian exports in order to maintain existing markets and open new ones)

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