Agriculture & Irrigation Committee

Meeting of the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee of EBA


The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, headed by Eng. Mustafa Al-Nagari, organized a meeting in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen, Head of the Economic Affairs Sector - Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, with the aim of opening the door for dialogue and discussion on: Egyptian agricultural exports and achieving the target quantitatively, qualitatively and price, identifying the important role of agriculture in the Egyptian economy and the labor market, how to achieve a balance between production and consumption in light of the increase in exports, and a group of members of the association working and interested in the agricultural sector and representatives of the administration participated in the meeting. Executive, Press and Media

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Joint Meeting of Agriculture and Irrigation,Transport,Export Committees


The Egyptian Businessmen Association, headed by Eng. Ali Eissa, held a joint meeting headed by Mr. Adel El-Lamie - Member of the Board of Directors and Transport Committee Chairman, Eng. Mustafa Al-Nagari - Agriculture and Irrigation Committee Chairman, and Eng. Ali Abdel Qader,Export Committee First Vice Chairman, with Major General Reda Ismail - Head of the Maritime Transport Sector - Ministry of Transport, and with the intervention of the representative of the company responsible for the management of the shipping line (Damietta-Trieste) from the Egyptian side, and in the presence of a group of members of the Assembly and discussed: - All logistics, mechanism of operation, volume and quality of goods likely to be transported through the fast and direct shipping line between Egypt, - the role of the private sector in cooperation with the government -the extent to which the volume of global trade and exports affects the current events in the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

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Meeting with the heads and deputies of the specialized committees of EBA


A meeting organized by the Egyptian Businessmen's Association with a group of heads and deputies of the following committees: (Industry and Scientific Research - Transport - Energy - Agriculture and Irrigation - Tourism and Civil Aviation - Information Technology). The meeting was chaired by Eng. Majd Al-Manzalawi, Secretary-General and Chairman of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee, with the aim of studying the proposals. Submitted by the committees concerned with the Egyptian government’s strategy And its targets during the period from 2024 - 2030, identifying the opportunities and challenges facing each sector, and developing the solutions proposed by the private sector in preparation for preparing a working paper in this regard and sending it to the Prime Minister.

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Agriculture and Irrigation Committee Meeting


The Egyptian Businessmen's Association held a meeting organized by the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee headed by Eng. Mustafa El-Nagari, Chairman of the Committee, with Dr. Abbas El-Shenawy, Head of the Services and Follow-up Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, in the presence of a distinguished group of members of the Association and members of some business organizations working in the agricultural sector with the aim of opening the door for dialogue and discussion on the work plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation on the services provided to agricultural investors and farmers during the current period and Identify the modern technological uses to provide agricultural extension to farmers.

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