Studies and Reports

Issue Date Expiry Date Title Sector(s) Att
28/12/2020 28/12/2030 Joint memorandum submitted by Committees of Import and Customs - Transport regarding remarks on the new Customs Act No. 207 of 2020
Transport & Logistics - Trade
27/12/2020 27/12/2030 Note regarding Customs clearance period on import messages
27/12/2020 27/12/2030 The most important requirements of the Egyptian tourism sector in light of its strong impact on the followers of the global COV pandemic
Tourism, Hotels & Civil Aviation
15/12/2021 15/12/2030 Memorandum regarding: Decision of the President of the General Authority for Veterinary Services to prohibit the issuance of certificates for the export of fish to the European Union countries until the completion of all procedures and the implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission
15/12/2022 15/12/2030 Working paper on: EBA vision and comment of the Egyptian Businessmen Association About the New Labor Bill – December 2022
11/12/2022 11/12/2030 Note on: EBA vision regarding the study carried out by the Ministry of Finance on the initiative to finance the industrial sector
09/12/2020 09/12/2030 Request for the contribution of the Industrial Development Bank to support and finance research, studies and graduation projects by the Faculty of Engineering
07/12/2020 07/12/2030 Memorandum regarding Demand that real estate taxes on factories not be collected until the end of 2020
05/12/2021 05/12/2030 Response of the Ministry of Finance regarding the Committee's request to reconsider the subjection of tourism companies operating with cars licensed for tourism and free customs duties in transporting Egyptians to exempt from VAT
Tourism, Hotels & Civil Aviation
02/12/2021 02/12/2030 Working paper submitted by EBA regarding: Vision of EBA committees to promote the various economic sectors
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