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Name: Sabry Mahmoud Salama

Address:10 El Shaheed Mohamed Abdel Hady Str. Ard El Golf , Heliopolis , Cairo

Phone: 202/24179920 - 202/24197527




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Water treatment stations and swage networks,gas and fuel networks

Building Materials

Real estate investment


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El-Saeed Contracting & Real Estate Investment (SCCD)
10 El Shaheed Mohamed Abdel Hady Str. Ard El Golf , Heliopolis , Cairo
202/24179920 202/24197527
The company has been established more than 50 years ago, we are one of the biggest and well established contracting companies operating in the contracting market in Egypt and worldwide. Our company established for the contracting works, utilities and real estate investment. The company's activities were expanded by implementing road and bridge projects, ports and water treatment and sewage stations and water networks, water desalination plants as well as production of ready mixed concrete and import and export business. We has also expanded by operating outside Egypt by entering the Saudi contracting market and has established a branch in Jeddah as part of the company's expansion strategy to export contracting activity by carrying out contracting work, construction and maintenance of buildings, ports, road and bridge works, water treatment and sewage stations, and electromechanical works. The company's branch obtained as a first-class classification in building work, which helped us in seizing great investment opportunities and presenting the company's products on a worlwide scale especially in Africa and Middle East market.
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