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Name: Yasser Kamal Abdella

Address:21 - 23 Charles De Gaulle Str. Nile Tower , Giza , Giza

Phone: 202/37472605

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Committee Vice Chairman


Commercial Banks

Investment Banking

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Commercial International Bank - CIB
Senior Vice President Global Customer Relations
21 - 23 Charles De Gaulle Str. Nile Tower , Giza , Giza
Commercial International Bank (CIB) is the leading private sector bank in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial products and services to its customers, which include enterprises of all sizes, institutions, households and high-net worth individuals. The Bank strives to provide clients with superior financial solutions to meet all of their financial needs. Having the strongest bran?d equity rightfully places CIB as the bank of choice for over 500 of Egypt’s largest corporations. Moreover, CIB shows tremendous upside potential within the bourgeoning Retail and SME Banking markets.? ?Through its superior management, high operating standards, corporate governance best practices and premier training programs, CIB has succeeded in becoming the most profitable commercial bank operating in Egypt for more than 40 years
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