China International Import Expo Promotion Seminar


EBA has participated in China International Import Expo Promotion Seminar in the presence of Zhang Shaoyang, Deputy Ambassador of China to Egypt, Mr. Li Ju, Deputy Director General of the Chinese Imports Exhibition, Mr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din, Chairman of China Committee, and Mr. Moustafa Ibrahim, Vice Chairman of the Committee. During the event, EBA has signed a cooperation agreement with the China International Import Fair to promote the seventh session, which will be held in Shanghai next November, in cooperation with the Egyptian Exhibitions and Conferences Authority, the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian-Chinese Association. The protocol was signed by Mr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din, Chairman of China Committee, and Mr. Li Ju, Deputy Director General of the China Import Fair

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Webinar on Update on the AFCFTA


EBA has participated in a webinar entitled “Update on the AFCFTA” the webinar presented information on the agreement establishing AFCFTA, the legal compacts of the trade agreement include Protocol on Trade in Goods, Protocol on Trade in Services, Protocol on Rules and Procedures on the Settlement of Disputes, Protocol on Competition Policy, Protocol on Investment, Protocol on IPRs, also the webinar highlighted on Ratification of the AFCFTA till January 2024, Provisional Schedules of Tariff Concessions (e-Tariff Book), Structure of the Rules of Origin Annex, Institutions of the AFCFTA, AFCFTA: Framework for Africa’s industrialization, Value chains as trade-driven industrialization

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Seminar with EBA Members Office Managers


EBA has organized an awareness seminar for EBA members office managers to introduce all the services and activities provided by the association, as well as the new services that it has recently added, especially those related to social media, and introduce the executive body of EBA to facilitate the cooperation between the members companies and the association

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