Yara Agritrade Egypt

Legal Status:
Shareholding Company
Tiba Buildings No. B3 Zahraa El Maadi , El Maadi , Cairo
202/25199447 202/25199470 202/25199457
Yara Agritrade Egypt is a branch of Yara International in Norway, the company is an agent of the following: 1- Yara International Company for the production of calcium nitrate and fertilizers Hydro Complex 2- Yara Netherlands company to produce fertilizer Altnso Iron 6% EDDHMA and Altnso cocktail Alchristalon 3- SQM company to produce fertilizer Chilean potassium, magnesium and potassium nitrate, sulfate 4- KALI German company for the production of potassium sulphate fertilizer 5- Yara UK company for the production of small and spraying paper elements 6- Akzo Nobel company 7- Egypt Fertilizers Company specialized MSF for the production of liquid fertilizers NPK 8- Rivulis global company to produce a self drip hoses T-Tape 9- Cooper Pegler company for the production of machine-gun dorsal CP3

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