Luna Co. For Industrial Investments (Member of Luna Group(

Legal Status:
Private Sector
72, El Sharikat Str. - 11251 , Ghamra , Cairo
202/22361501 202/22349166
Luna Group was founded in 1966 and consists of the following two holding companies: 1- Luna Holding For Industrial Investments: Luna Co. For Industrial Investments, Luna For Trading of Raw Materials for Chemical & Food (Free Zone), Luna For Flavours & Fragrances, Luna Baghdad (Iraq), Luna For Ice Cream Sticks Industry (under establishment) 2- Luna Holding For Chemical Investments: Luna Cosmetics, Luna For Perfumes and Cosmetics (Luna Pack) (under establishment), Luna Co. for Trading & Distribution, Luna Soap + Hard Candy The main activities: supply of raw materials and intermediates fot the following fields of industrie (pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, soap & detergent, cosmetics & fragrances & water purifying filter), sole agent for more than 80 international cosmetics, suppliers and packing material for the above industries, working as manufacturer and supplier for fragrances and flavors for almost most the multinational companies in Egypt

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Address: 21 Giza St., Nile Tower, Giza, Egypt

Tel: + (202) 3572 3020 / + (202) 3573 6030

Mob: 010 0538 4604 / 010 0538 4605


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