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الإثنين, 20 مايو 2019 12:12 م
0.22 % an increase of Nile Stock Exchange trading during Monday session

Nile Stock Exchange records an increase of 0.22 % on Monday, 20 May 2019.recording 456.96 points on the shares of 7 companies during the 249 million shares executed over 124 transactions; the total value traded recorded 476 million. Total Market Cap LE 455 million

الإثنين, 20 مايو 2019 12:05 م
Decrease of 1.04% in EGX 30, 1.71 % in EGX 50 1.06 % EGX 30 capped, 0.32% in EGX 70 and 0.54 % in EGX 100 during Monday's session

EGX 30 index closed at 13379.62 points recording 1.04% loss,
EGX 50 index closed at 1991.03 points recording 1.71 % loss,
EGX 30 capped index closed at 6532.18 points recording 1.06 % loss,
EGX 70 index closed 599.42 points recording 0.32% loss ,While EGX 100 index closed at 1518.91 points recording 0.54 % loss on Monday
,20 May 2019.

The total value traded recorded LE 528,040 million while the total volume traded reached 68,319 million and 11,893 transactions. Total Market Cap LE 741,463,098,527.

For (El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural Crops) records 6.10% gains and closed at LE (20.000) followed by (Cairo Oils & Soap) Which 5.02% gains and closed at LE (4.600).

On the other hand (Rights Issue Of Industrial Engineering Co,For Con&Dev-ICON-1) records (22.57) % loss and closed at LE (1.125) followed by (B Investments Holding) recording (9.78) % loss and closed at LE (8.120).

The Egyptians controlled 57.95% of the value traded during the day recording net sales of 26,376,985, Non-Arab foreign investor's accounted 34.41% recording net purchases of LE 16,231,744.while Arab investor's captured 7.64% after excluding deals recording net purchases of LE 10,145,241.The institutions accounted for 58.54%of the value traded, while the 41.45% were for the individuals.

الإثنين, 20 مايو 2019 11:33 ص
$ 300 million for the construction of a solar power plant for the Naga Hammadi aluminum complex

Dr. Mohammed Al-Khayyat, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Authority, revealed the start of the study of the project of implementing a solar power plant for the plant of the Misr Aluminum Company complex in Nagah Hammady with electricity.

الإثنين, 20 مايو 2019 11:26 ص
East Delta Electricity allocates for 14 billion for the purchase of 18 fuel stations
East Delta Company for Electricity Production, affiliated to the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, has allocated LE 14 billion to buy fuel for its stations during the fiscal year 2019/2020, compared to 13 billion targets in the current fiscal year plan.

الإثنين, 20 مايو 2019 11:25 ص
Telecom Egypt signs agreement with Banque Misr to make money transfer service through
Adel Hamed, CEO of Telecom Egypt, revealed that the company has signed an agreement with Banque Misr to provide money transfer services through the we network.
"This service comes as part of a package of new services that the company plans to launch in the next few weeks," Hamed said at the suhoor event organized by the company last Friday.


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