Seminar with Egyptian Companies interested in Africa


EBA has organized a seminar between Africa Department in ECS and the Egyptian companies in Port Said interested to deal with Africa, in order to explain the plan of the ECS to penetrate into the African market

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Committees Chairmen and their Deputies Working Group - Zoom Webinar


An electronic meeting through Zoom Webinar for a working group of EBA committees chairmen and their deputies to review and discuss "all the technical aspects and items of the MOU that was signed recently with Ain Shams University and the opportunities for inter-cooperation for the EBA committees and the corresponding colleges at the university."

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MOU between Egyptian Businessmen Association - Ain Shams University and Industrial Development Bank


A tripartite MOU between the Egyptian Businessmen Association, Ain Shams University and the Industrial Development Bank, where the protocol was signed by Professor Mahmoud El-Matini, President of the University, and the Egyptian Businessmen Association, Eng. Fathallah Fawzi, EBA Vice President on behalf of Eng. Ali Eissa, EBA Chairman, and on behalf of the Industrial Development Bank, Mr. Majid Fahmy Attiyah, Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors, The protocol aims to achieve joint cooperation between the three parties to support integration between dissertations and scientific research (MA and PhD) at the university, as well as linking innovative projects for researchers and students with what the business community requires in terms of scientific studies that touch the real market of the different economic sectors to benefit from these research in developing and achieving the vision of the decision makers.

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Construction Committee Meeting


Construction committee meeting at EBA premises to discuss : "The committee's strategy during the next stage in light of the change of the urban map and building requirements in Egypt."

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Meeting with Head of Africa Department at Egyptian Commercial Se


Egyptian Businessmen's Association held a meeting for Africa Committee headed by Dr. Sherif El-Gabaly, board member of EBA and head of Africa committee, in the presence of Dr. Abdel Aziz El-Sharif, Minister of Trade Commissioner - Director of the Africa Department at Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS) with commercial representation and heads of commercial offices in Kampala and Côte d'Ivoire, in addition to the participation of the heads of the commercial office in Nairobi and Pretoria via video conference.

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