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Membership Categories
There are three types of membership: original, associate and corporate.
The membership list consists of carefully chosen number of prominent businessmen in Egypt who occupy leading and decision making positions in the business community. The membership covers a wide range of economic activities
Conditions of Membership
To be accepted as an active member of the association, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:-
  1. He must be of unimpeachable reputation, and has never been subjected to sentences involving honor.
  2. He must be in a managerial position in the company or the organization where he works.
  3. He must fill the application form for membership in both Arabic and English languages.
  4. He must present his C.V. and company profile
  5. He must be recommended by two EBA members
  6. EBA board of directors reserves the right to accept or reject any application
Categories Of Membership
There are three types of membership:-
Original Member:
Is the member who applied for membership and fulfilled all the conditions and is accepted by EBA board of directors. The original member has the right to attend the General assembly meeting and to nominate himself to be a member in EBA’s board of directors.
Associate Member:
The associate member is associated to an original member, he enjoys all the benefits and rights given to the Original member except for the right of attending the General Assembly Meeting and to nominate himself to be a board member. The membership of the associate member is ended in case of the termination of the original member membership.
Corporate Member:
The company is registered as an EBA member, it is represented by a maximum of 3 persons: one principal and two affiliate members.
The principal member enjoys all the benefits and rights given to the original member including attending the General assembly meeting, the affiliate members enjoy all the benefits and rights given to the principal member except for the right of attending the General Assembly Meeting.
The company has the right to change the three members representing it in EBA after the approval of the board
Membership Fees:
Entrance Fees (EGP)
Annual Fees (EGP)
Original Member
Associate Member
Corporate Member



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