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Name: Ahmed Amr Ihab Tantawy

Address:21 Charles De Gaulle Str. Nile Tower , Giza , Giza

Phone: 202/35689189


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AlOULA - El Tammer For Mortage Finance Co
Managing Director
21 Charles De Gaulle Str. Nile Tower - 18th Floor , Giza , Giza
202/35689137 202/35689138 202/35689189
Al Oula is a group of 3 companies: Al Taamir Mortgage Company-Al Oula, Al Taamir Leasing Company- Al Oula, Al Taamir Real Estate Investment Company – Al Oula. The Mortgage Company is the leading mortgage company in Egypt with a 40% Market Share. Due to its high paid up capital of L.E 400 million and its success, it has recently expanded by adding two fully owned companies: the first is Eltaamir leasing Company with a paid up capital of LE 50 million and the second is a Real Estate Investment Company with a paid up capital of LE 25 million and investments of LE 60 million in 3 projects. The Three Companies work together with the objective to provide comprehensive financial solutions in particular to the Real Estate market and to the market at large with the leasing company working with corporates and the mortgage working with the retail
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