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Name: Ahmed Atta Abdel Aal

Address:9 Abdel Moneim Ryiad Str. , Mohandeseen , Giza

Business Phone:202/37620356 202/37620358

Business Fax:0233377788


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Saudi Egyptian Industrial Investment
Legal Status:
Shareholding Company
General Manager
9 Abdel Moneim Riyad Str. , Mohandeseen , Giza
202/37620356 202/37620358 202/33377888
202/33377888 202/33377788 202/37620356
The company's objective is to promote industrial development in Egypt by investing in industrial projects on commercial and economic basis, further to establishing and managing industrial plants. It may participate with others engaged in similar activities, or who may assist in achieving its objective for fullfilment of the following goals: 1- Substitute imports by local production 2- Increase exports 3- Integrate with existing industries 4- Create job opportunities 5- Utilize raw materials available locally and in the Arab World, whenever possible, so as to maximize the value added 6- Transfer of modern industrial technologies
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