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Member's Details
 Khaled Hamza
In EBA News
Member NameKhaled Hamza
Address16, Hoda Shaarawy Str. , City Center , Cairo
Business Phone202/23929615 202/23922785 202/23908718
Business Fax0223934364 0223956720
Position In EBA
Import & Customs Committee Chairman
Production of packing papers, flexible packaging
Wrap Packaging tape
PVC electrical tape
Cling film food wrap
Masking tape
Hot Stamping foil
Self adhesive labels
Inks & Release
Stretch Film for palletizing
PVC adhesive tape
Lamination film

Member's Companies
Company Name Cellopack For Packaging Industries S.A.E
Legal Status Shareholding Company
Title Chairman
Address 16, Hoda Shaarawy Str. , City Center , Cairo
Phone 202/23929615 202/23922785 202/23908718
Fax 202/23934364 202/23956720
Website www.cellopack.com
Email sales@cellopack.net
Profile Supply of printed self adhesive labels, plain labels for barcodes, self adhesive tapes (Printed ) Aluminium, double sided tapes (for fixing clichés - for splicing decor - cars mirrors), carton cores with different thickness and sizes