Union Group For Trading Services

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42 El Moltaka El Araby Str. , Heliopolis , Cairo
202/22699480 202/22699490 202/22699470
UNION GROUP is an expanding forwarding company established by its owner the well-known Business Man Mr. Moataz Soliman EL Said since the year 1988. The company started first in Egypt and due to its tremendous success, branched out in 7 different countries in 3 different continents. UNION GROUP has spread its services and goods from Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey, India, to Bangladesh, and recently Qatar. Union Group has established its name in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and is looking forward to acquiring the same reputation in South Africa and the U.S. UNION GROUP is a highly reputed Multi National Organization with a vast capital that exceeded the One Billion Dollars in the financial statistics in December 2012. UNION GROUP always strives to stand out and be the best in its customer’s service that is quality oriented and cost effective in a timely manner. As a result of its success, UNION GROUP has more than 300 employees stationed through all its 12 branches around the world.

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