Almotaheda Co., For Supplies and Integrated Contracting

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11 Senan Pasha Str. , Manshia , Alexandria
203/4816540 203/4859436 203/5035969
203/4806831 203/5019477
Our company established in 2003. We have a wide and professional experience in carrying out large projects all over Egypt, by working with the largest and famous Egyptian and foreign companies in petroleum, electricity and water sectors. We specialized in:- - Designing and construction of roads : Asphalt and concrete roads paving works - Planning, painting and traffic marks - Roads curbs, paving slabs, flooring piazzas with interlock pavers and construction rubble. - Concrete and buildings. - General works as well as complementary: Mechanical and manual excavation - Crushing - Landscape - Filling up - replacement and foundations - Lining works for water and gas pipelines. - Purification of drainage canals and ditches and construction rubble works for storm water drainage. Additional specialized works: Sanding and painting - finishing - marble works - Insulation - barriers sediment basins - Supplying and transportation: of all construction, roads and quarries materials. Also we are working in all kind of inland transportation in all over Egypt by own Trucks

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Address: 21 Giza St., Nile Tower, Giza, Egypt

Tel: + (202) 3572 3020 / + (202) 3573 6030

Mob: 010 0538 4604 / 010 0538 4605


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