Bahgat Group

Legal Status:
Private Sector
Dream Land City Building 501 P.O. Box 25 , 6th Of October City , Cairo
202/38553220 202/38553230
Bahgat Group of companies is a major business conglomerate in the Middle East with businesses spanning from Manufacturing, Distribution, Entertainment, Hospitality, Real Estate, Communication, and Medical to Information Technology. The group is composed of the following companies:- 1.Dreamland 2.Dreampark 3.Dream Media 4.Egyptian Company for Tourism Sport & Entertainment 5.International Electronic Products 6.International Home Appliances 7.Egy Refrigeration & Air Conditions 8.International Electronics 9.International Biomedical Engineering Group 10.General Service Company 11.Egy House 12.Alu Glass 13.Egy Plastic 14.Dream Stone 15.Egy Speakers 16.Green Tech 17.Tree & Tree 18.Egy Projects 19.IM Hodling

EBA Contacts

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